Dustin Chase
Editor at Large

Dustin began writing reviews in 1997 and has written over 2000 movie critiques and counting, along with entertainment articles and news stories. Dustin has also interviewed actors, producers, and other film industry icons. His coverage extends from film festivals and movie premiers to the Academy Awards. He was also the weekly featured film critic on “Flix Fix” for the CW Network, a regular film commentator for NPR., and the movie critic for the oldest newspaper in Texas. Dustin is a member of the Critics Choice Association (CCA) and the Houston Film Critics Society (HFCS).

Evan Zimmerman

Evan has been involved in publishing since 1992. As founder of Texas Art & Film in 2009, Evan sought to promote both art and film in Texas. Evan has been featured for both his photojournalism and writing in many US and international publications. His continuous contributions to the magazine and striving for quality has helped TAF become what it is today.

James Brown
Editor in Chief

James Brown joined Texas Art & Film in 2017 as a film critic and copy editor. He has been editor since 2022.


Michael Woody
Graphic Designer & Copy Editor

Michael Woody first started out as a copy editor and international correspondent during his time in Tokyo. With a degree in psychology, he is now studying graphic design at Seattle Central Creative Academy. You can see more of his work here. Michael also works with TAF during on location film festivals.

Mark Schumann

Mark Schumann is a contributor of Texas Art & Film through Awards podcasts and film reviews. He writes for his own film site, Reel Nutrition.