The opening sequences of “Elvis” and the introduction to The King are not too dissimilar to that of “Moulin Rouge!” when Satine finally drops into frame. Australian filmmaker and Oscar nominee, Baz Luhrmann has an eccentric style of directing that leans heavy on abundance. His flair for color in every frame, manic editing and gaudy […]

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Respect shows a cross-section of Aretha Franklin’s life from her childhood up through the first several of her many successes (1972 album Amazing Grace).  It makes good use of flashbacks to fill out the early stories, showing the kind of background from which Aretha came and the strong influence of her father throughout her life.  His influence even extends

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When Nikola Tesla (played here by Ethan Hawke) pulls out his cell phone at a bar in 1888 or Anne Morgan, daughter of JP Morgan, fires up her Apple Computer to explain the number of Google searches for Telsa compared to Thomas Edison, you understand quickly this isn’t a normal biopic. Michael Almereyda’s version of

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Pain and Glory

Academy Award winning filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has a divisive range of films that include an Oscar-nominated performance from Penelope Cruz in “Volver”, to airplane orgies in “I’m So Excited“. His latest “Pain and Glory” premiered at Cannes earlier this year to rave reviews and awards buzz, especially for frequent collaborator Antonio Banderas. Almodóvar turns the

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For “The Lord of the Rings” fans, Dome Karukoski’s “Tolkien” might work as a way of celebrating the brilliant author and fantasy creator in which popular franchises “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” have both been inspired from. The script assumes the audience’s familiarity with ‘Rings,’ expecting you to pick up on which people and

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So much has been made about Woody Harrelson’s extensive makeup to become President Lyndon B. Johnson in Rob Reiner’s latest film. It’s true, that the first scenes of the actor’s face are shocking and curious. Harrelson (Three Billboards, The Glass Castle) settles into the role like oil and water, never quite losing his own persona

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