Clive Owen

Gemini Man

Two Time Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (“Hulk,” “Life of Pie”) seems drawn to technological advancements that aid in telling stories that otherwise couldn’t be told. When Lee focuses more on the story and less on trying to wow the audience (“Brokeback Mountain,” “Sense & Sensibility”), his films are typically better. “Gemini Man” has been rattling

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It’s probably not a coincidence that opening sequence shots in “Ophelia” resemble Kings Landing from “Game of Thrones”. The Disney like voice over in the prologue, “the story you don’t know”, quickly dispels the association that this will be anything as riveting as HBO’s bloodthirsty shock-value series. Lisa Klein’s novel might borrow names from Shakespeare,

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Ten years after The Fifth Element, fantasy film director Luc Besson puts together the most expensive French flick in history. Compared to his ‘97 Bruce Willis sci-fi flick, which had 188 visual effects shots, this one has 2734. It’s another case of technology overriding anything else on screen. Lead actor DeHaan (coming off another failed

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