Édgar Ramírez


While a new film about Marcel Marceau, “The most important mime who ever lived”, and his contributions to saving Jewish children during WWII, probably isn’t the movie quarantines audiences needs right, it’s what we have. Smaller releases like “Resistance” (from IFC Films) are getting more attention due to major studios pulling all their theatrical releases […]

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Another moderately predictable formula this awards season; transformative performance showcased in a by the numbers genre film. What genre you might ask, the white man wanting to make it big genre. Gold, inspired by a true story (but then aren’t they all these days) has similarities to The Wolf of Wall Street and a bit

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Hands of Stone

Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez first caught my attending with his commanding performance in “The Liberator” (2013). Since then he has quickly become a Hollywood commodity, starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro in “Joy” last year, action flick “Point Break”, even dabbling in horror with “Deliver Us From Evil”. With his second-high profile leading role

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