The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

This is an Ice Age adventure in the usual Disney vein.  Typically, in the franchise’s tradition, some current universal issue is addressed (e.g., climate change, its threats and others’ to animals and to earth), along with changes in relationships within small groups, like a family or a herd, facing a major threat.  This one focuses on children ready to […]

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 Herself.  An intriguing title for a film.  After I watched it, I thought about an improvement on the title might have been Her Self, for Sandra (in a winning performance by Dunne) finds her self in the events that will transpire. The film absolutely captures the figure of a woman literally beaten down, unsure of herself but with, somehow,

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Troop Zero

Diversity reigns in Amazon Prime’s latest original feature. Produced and starring Academy Award winner Viola Davis (Widows), re-teaming with her Oscar winning pal Allison Janney (I, Tonya) for a troop-scout, coming of age story, like few others. The screenplay comes from Lucy Alibar, the Academy Award nominated writer of Beasts of the Southern Wild. As

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The events taking place in “Luce” are the kind that are likely to generate a multitude of discussion and debate. J.C. Lee’s play turned screenplay is a riveting exploration into the social, physiological, and racial discussions currently being had in our society, albeit from a different perspective. However, it’s difficult to absorb entirely what “Luce” is trying to explore

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