Fiona Shaw


Before it premiered, there were hopes that Francis Lee’s new film would put Kate Winslet in the race for next year’s best actress Oscar. Hopes were dashed though after the reviews from this year’s virtual Toronto Film Festival, labeling it as dry, mute, and bleak. The fan fiction element of the story tries to balance facts […]

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It’s very difficult to write a good horror story, and Kindred serves as an example of what can go wrong. Making the story horrific and plausible where the plausibility enhances the terror is key to a successful horror film or book.  Jordan Peale’s Get Out is a prime example of success.  Even though there’s only a remote chance that any of us will come

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Wash Westmoreland, the director of Oscar-winning “Still Alice,” originally wrote the script for “Colette” back in 2001. As the climate in Hollywood has shifted, there has been more demand for female-centered films. What better than one of France’s most celebrated feminists Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. The film opens with Oscar nominee Keira Knightley (“Pride and Prejudice”) running

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