Joe Bell

“Joe Bell” has small handful of moments that make it necessary viewing for narrow-minded viewers. The question becomes, how do you get a film like “Joe Bell” in front of the people who need to see it? Casting Mark Wahlberg might get it in front of audiences who can benefit from a story about acceptance, […]

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Giant Little Ones

Finally, we are starting to see the LGBTQ genre splintering away from the usual controversial gay relationship dramas and tragedies. Giant Little Ones by Keith Behrman explores gender issues regarding same-sex experimentation among teens and young adults. In life and on film, society reacts differently to sexual intimacy between two females than it does when the intimacy is between

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El Angel

Writer-director Luis Ortega has created a novel biopic of famed “Death Angel” thief and murderer Carlos Robledo-Puch. The events of the crime and the psychology of this 17-year-old are shocking and gruesome. Ortega creates a parallel between the baby-faced teenager and the films stunning production value and cinematography juxtaposed with such vile circumstances. Ortega balances

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