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Asteroid City movie poster

Asteroid City

Wes Anderson’s latest cinematic creation, “Asteroid City,” takes audiences on a whimsical and visually captivating journey unlike anything seen before. Known for his distinctive style and unique storytelling, Anderson once again delivers a movie filled with his trademark quirkiness, impeccable attention to detail, and a delightful ensemble cast. Set in a fictional 1950s town in

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No Time to Die

Quintessential Bond with the complex plot, hair-raising chases, pretty women, and lots of booze and gadgets.  Bond (Craig)—who has “disappeared” after seeing that arch-enemy Blofeld (Waltz) is incarcerated—is found in Jamaica by his old friend, CIA officer Felix Leiter (Wright), after Bond has just unceremoniously put his girlfriend Madeleine (Seydoux) on the train because of his

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The Goldfinch

Screenings were packed for “The Goldfinch,” at the Toronto Film Festival, despite negative reviews. John Crowley (“Brooklyn“) seems to be the right director choice for this film. “Goldfinch” doesn’t have “Brooklyn‘s” magic though. With so much content and plot to cover even over two hours of running-time is not enough time. “The Goldfinch” suffers most

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The Public

Emilio Estevez follows up his 2010 project “The Way” with another informative, social drama called “The Public.” Written, directed, and staring Estevez, his story reminds us of the saying “no good deed goes unpunished.” In this case, he takes a really impressive cast and wraps them around a story of social injustice, politics and what’s

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