TIFF23 Day 2

By: Dustin ChaseThe international component of The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF23)has vast offerings and really traversed the map on day two of the festival. Day 2 of TIFF23, has another replay from Cannes earlier this year and the likely submission from Italy for the Academy Awards international submission. “Kidnapped” (Rapito) is an operatic-style drama detailing […]

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Viper Club

The title doesn’t do the movie any favors, nor does the fact that what Viper Club actually means, is referenced so little in the script, it doesn’t promote the films interest. Viper Club is a composite film of American freelance journalists, who risk their lives to report from war zones that American media won’t travel.

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Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies) is a sweet guy, he is just a terrible director. His early work including The Wackness (2008) offered hints at a promising career, but the 40-year-old has been on a downward spiral ever since and Snatched is the worst yet. Amy Schumer has officially stolen the most overrated comedian title

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