This is a kid-friendly adventure with a delightful mixture of pure fantasy, thrills, magnificent scenery, and good-natured playfulness, while reminding viewers of the importance of home, family, memories, and paying attention to grief and hardship—all substantive values we want our children to learn. “Abominable” is a reference to a mythical creature supposedly living in the

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Ugly Dolls

UglyDolls is not really about being ugly; it’s about being different or outside the mold.  The message is worthwhile, but it takes a long time to get there, and the means of delivering it simply doesn’t measure up in terms of being interesting, entertaining, or inspiring.  On the contrary, it seemed to me that I was enduring an

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The Grinch

This production of the well-known story pleased the audience I was with, and there were lots of audible reactions from the kids, with applause at the end.  I think it might be a hit at Christmas-time.  The colorful animations, sets, and CGI effects; the Christmas messages that put presents and material things into perspective; and liberal doses

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

In our narcissistic age, it’s fitting that we have more films for kids about its consequences, particularly when Hollywood has such a draw.  This animated film is about a “sidekick, a nobody” who has aspirations for greatness like the known superheroes enjoy.  Robin (Menville) is chafing about his insignificance in the superhero world, and his team’s references

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