Lea Seydoux

No Time to Die

Quintessential Bond with the complex plot, hair-raising chases, pretty women, and lots of booze and gadgets.  Bond (Craig)—who has “disappeared” after seeing that arch-enemy Blofeld (Waltz) is incarcerated—is found in Jamaica by his old friend, CIA officer Felix Leiter (Wright), after Bond has just unceremoniously put his girlfriend Madeleine (Seydoux) on the train because of his

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The Command

Don’t go to see Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg’s submarine thriller “Kursk” expecting something another “U-571” or “Crimson Tide.” You’ll want to lower your expectations, very low, for this flick starring Matthias Schoenaerts (“Red Sparrow”). Interestingly, the story behind Russian submarine Kursk has been told many times in various mediums to be such a recent tragedy. Robert Rodat’s

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     Daniel Craig’s fourth round as James Bond opens with a wild helicopter sequence in Mexico City during The Day of the Dead. But we might as well be celebrating the death of the Craig collaboration with Oscar winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) because for its expansive budget, Spectre doesn’t have much

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