Patrick Wilson


This movie is a disaster—but not in the way the filmmakers intended.  It’s the disaster.  The thinly drawn characters, the inane/stereotypical dialog and awkward dreamed-up situations make it hard to sit through.  Special effects are about the only aspect of Moonfall that have a chance to entertain. The story starts in such a hodge-podge, it’s difficult to discern the plot and […]

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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Those who have followed the Conjuring series of films are familiar with the husband-wife duo of a demonologist (Wilson), Ed, and his psychic wife, Lorraine, (Farmiga) who set up their equipment on site wherever there are clues or trouble.  In this instance, there is trouble in the Glatzel family where young David seems to be possessed.  It’s one of

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The fact that filmmaker Roland Emmerich (“White House Down,” “10,000 BC”) having to get funds outside the U.S. to finance his $100+ million epic of American history should have been a clue that more work was needed with this project. Emmerich has assembled a B-list cast of characters and attempts to give each at least

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Aside from the fact that DC’s latest comic book adaptation “Aquaman” borrows heavily from Marvel’s “Black Panther” screenplay (it’s half-brother versus half-brother for the kingdom), it also has an over-saturating amount of special effects. It’s not that the visual effects are noticeably bad, there’s just so many, in every corner of the screen for more

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The Commuter

The time for questioning the motives of Liam Neeson’s choice in action movie scripts is over and now we must question his sanity. In his forth collaboration with director Jaume Collet-Serra (Non-Stop, Run All Night), Neeson once again takes part in a formulaic action movie that’s predictable and unrealistic. The Commuter commits unforgivable cinematic sin

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