Licorice Pizza

This is a really fine production from script to actors, music, cinematography, and production design.  The dialog is entertaining and smartly—but not too smartly—crafted.  Everyone converses in ways people normally talk to one another without artifice, which sometimes happens with clever scriptwriters.  This was penned by its director Paul Thomas Anderson and reflects his usual number of characters’ insights while […]

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My Little Pony

This frothy confection using a kaleidoscope of pastels is made for little girls who cherish dolls, animals, sugar and spice and everything nice. Fortunately, it also conveys messages about friendship (“Friendship is magic”), teamwork, loyalty, creativity, forgiveness, and a sense of responsibility for those in one’s charge. It has bold adventure, excitement, and near-escapes to

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Writer/director Gillian Robespierre re-teams with comedian Jenny Slate (Gifted) following their 2014 pregnancy film Obvious Child. Landline is a family dramedy that wallows in the era of 1995 so much that many scenes are devoted to nostalgic images over advancing the plot. Landline is also another film that promotes the worst aspect of New York

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