Sterling K. Brown

Frozen II

Frozen II is enchanting in the way fairytales are supposed to be, with thrilling visual effects, inspiring story, and imaginative characters—some endearing, some fearful, and some odious.  The film jumps back to when Elsa and Anna are children, and their father tells them the story of Arendelle and his role in it. Arendelle was friendly to another group

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“Waves” first act is a roller coaster of emotion. It’s the editing that lifts you very high on this ride as you wait for the inevitable fall. Houston filmmaker Trey Edward Shults (“Krisha,” “It Comes At Night”), returns in his most solid film yet. The trailer is selling you “Moonlight,” but “Waves” is offering you

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You would think that a film titled “Marshall” would dive into who Thurgood Marshall was and his groundbreaking role in the American justice system. “Marshall” is helmed by a television director, who only returns to features films after forgotten slapstick comedies “The Ladies Man” and “House Party” from the 90’s. “Marshall” isn’t a biopic as

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