With most feature films still holding onto hope for a theatrical release, “7500” will likely be the most suspenseful and edge of your couch thriller of 2020. Like most thrillers that find a way to isolate the protagonist and build a story around one or two people, “7500” limits the audience’s view to the cockpit […]

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Bel Canto

A well-known American opera singer, a wealthy Japanese businessman, and South American politics all get mixed up together in this tense drama when the singer, Roxane Cross (Moore) is invited to give a concert in an unspecified Latin American country in honor of businessman Katsumi Hosokawa (Watanabe).  They all arrive at Vice-President Ochoa’s mansion—Japanese translator Gen

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Now here is an interesting movie. An American crime drama set in Massachusetts, filmed on location in Bulgaria. When Nicholas Cage is the best thing about your film, you know you are in trouble. There is morbidly bad acting from the very opening scene, which sets up the bad guys, to the very end. There

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6 Days

Not only was the terrorist attack in London on April 30th 1980 similar to the events portrayed in the Oscar winning film Argo, but 6 Days presents itself very similarly. Director Toa Fraser lands his first film with major stars, his previous work on film and in television has failed to propel him to the

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