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  • Not very insightful to say that only fans of the previous installments will like or understand this. My husband is a case in point as he hasn’t seen any of the previous films and doesn’t enjoy most action movies overall. He screened it on Monday and loved the movie more than he dares to admit (he’s a Mubi subscriber, which says it all). I get that this is the type of film that critics love to hate, but if I may, you sort of miss the point with your audience assumptions in your review — the film works precisely because it delivers on what the audience expects from it in terms of obvious 90’s nostalgia and doesn’t challenge one’s thinking. It’s a time capsule which provides pure escapism with its trashy exuberance, familiar tropes, reinforced stereotypes or liberal use of guns, violence, and swearing. People will pay to reconnect with a moment or feeling which is part of the fabric of their childhood / youth and in order to be transported to a more simple time.

    • I agree with you, I just think that the people you speak of, are in a small majority. Sure, people will buy tickets who haven’t seen the original(s), and enjoy the “no thinking required” entertainment aspect of this discard-able action flick. I am just not one of those people, I expect more from any and every film. I just personally think the sequel relies too heavily on nostalgia, and as I have polled many of my friends and colleagues of various nationalities, ages, and sexes, I have found few that have even seen the original, and fewer who remember anything about the plot of the 1995 original.

  • Wait, “Reese Witherspoon” is a person of color now? You literally wrote that in your review. SMH. I enjoyed the film, regardless

    • What I “literally” wrote in my review was this…
      You “literally” read it wrong…

      “Will Smith would find more respect, and meaningful success, if he used his talent and money to produce smaller films that might aid filmmakers of color struggling to find backing (i.e. Brad Pitt, Tyler Perry, Reese Witherspoon).” I’m expecting the viewer to be aware of the projects those artists have produced with other filmmakers like Witherspoon producing Truth Be Told directed by Nichelle D. Tramble, Perry producing something like Precious, Pitt producing films like Moonlight, 12 Years a Slave or this years The Last Black Man in SF, etc etc.

      I am referencing Pitt, Perry and Witherspoon who produce films with ‘filmmakers’ of color.

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