This won’t be the first time or the last that action star Bruce Willis has sold himself out, in fact if you look at the 60-year-olds filmography you will see a slew of titles you don’t recognize. Extraction is another one of those, it will play a week or so at certain designated high volume theaters, then quickly be sent to Red Box. Extraction opens with Willis’ character captured, but handing a secret agent an ink pen in Hollywood is like giving him a machine gun. In order to put the audience in a familiar place, the prologue to the story mirrors that of Taken. It’s all downhill after the extended and prolonged title sequence and DOA when the real star of the film shows up.

     Harry Turner (Lutz) has always lived in his father’s shadow. Following the traumatic event that left his mother dead and his ego bruised, Harry joined the CIA, desperate to prove to his all-star-agent father he could pull the trigger the next time. Leonard Turner (Willis) goes missing, and the agency fears the worst, as a new weapon called “Condor”, described as the ultimate hack, has fallen into the wrong hands if the senior Turner has been taken out. Denied field agent access four times, Harry propels himself against protocol in order to find his father and derail the terrorist plot.

Extraction is the Donald Trump of action movies, it’s the male equivalent of a Lifetime movie.

     Extraction is the Donald Trump of action movies, it’s the male equivalent of a Lifetime movie (Spike TV?). Willis will continue to smear his name and use his iconic action star status for a paycheck until he retires. Poor Kellan Lutz (Twilight) needs a new agent, or perhaps he stars in all these terrible films because he has no talent. Either way, the same things wrong with his involvement in Hercules have followed him here. With that being said, Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6), probably gives the single worst performance from a human on screen in 2015. She might as well have been holding and reading from cue cards for the tone of voice and believability she has.

     “Stay down!”, Harry says after knocking the 100th person down in a 90 minute movie. Extraction feels like an RPG video game, a few sentences of dialogue between each fight sequence and then it’s more shooting, punching and speed chases. Besides an array of terrible acting, Extraction has some of the worst editing this year as it tries to combine multiple action sequences occurring with different characters. Everything bad about this film is made worse by the consistent techno music that is played over and under each scene, even in the opening title sequence. Lutz and his massive chest may strut around this film with purpose, but that is the extent of his ability.

Final Thought

The worst action film of the year.


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