3 comments on “Halloween Ends

  • Wow! I really appreciate this perspective as I hadn’t considered the effect the dialogue and “winks” had on my perception of the film. This puts into words exactly what I was feeling!

  • Great review! Very well written and loved the way you made that connection about the movie and the audience. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on some other movies.

  • Dedicated Halloween fan, and thought I’d leave a reply to this review before I saw the movie…but cooler heads prevailed and I actually went out and saw it before responding. And while I hate to say it; you’re right.
    The series has suffered for awhile and chalking up the poor storyline and repetitive characters to “teen horror staples” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Glad the series was laid to rest, and thought your assessment to be a fair…although I would even go as far as to say you could have knocked down the rating half a star.

    Would rather binge the Halloween classics than cringe through it’s new releases.

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