Monkey Man

“Monkey Man” marks Oscar-nominee Dev Patel‘s (“Lion,” “Slumdog Millionaire”) noteworthy debut as a feature film director, delivering a gripping action thriller that delves deep into themes of vengeance, justice, and perseverance.

Inspired by the legendary figure of Hanuman, the Hindu deity known for his indomitable strength and unwavering courage, “Monkey Man” follows the journey of Kid, portrayed with raw intensity by Dev Patel himself. Kid, a nameless fighter in the city’s gritty underbelly, struggles to survive in an underground fight club where brutality reigns supreme. Donning a gorilla mask, Kid endures relentless beatings for the promise of meager cash—a portrayal that captures the desperation and vulnerability of those marginalized by society.

Dev Patel as Monkey Man
Dev Patel as Monkey Man

However, beneath Kid’s quiet exterior lies a simmering rage fueled by a traumatic past. When he uncovers a path to confront the corrupt elite responsible for his mother’s murder, Kid’s transformation into a force of reckoning is electrifying to watch. Patel’s portrayal of Kid’s inner turmoil is visceral, drawing viewers into the depths of his anguish and determination.

"Monkey Man" is a tale of vengeance and a symphony of adrenaline-fueled action sequences and heart-pounding chase scenes."

“Monkey Man” is a tale of vengeance, a symphony of adrenaline-fueled action sequences, and a thrill ride of heart-pounding chase scenes. Skillfully directed by Patel, the film immerses the audience in a gritty world where justice is a rare commodity. The fight scenes are exhilarating, showcasing Kid’s evolution from a battered underdog to a formidable force of nature.

Supporting Patel is an outstanding cast that elevates the film. Sharlto Copley (“District 9”) delivers a chilling performance as the malevolent antagonist, his portrayal dripping with sinister charisma. Sobhita Dhulipala (“Made in Heaven”) captivates as Kid’s ally, infusing the role with quiet strength and resilience. The ensemble cast, including Pitobash (“Million Dollar Arm”), Vipin Sharma (“Hotel Mumbai“), and Ashwini Kalsekar (“Andhadhun“), adds complexity to the narrative, each character contributing to the rich tapestry of Kid’s quest for justice.

“Monkey Man” is a work of good storytelling and cinematic skill. Dev Patel’s directorial debut is remarkable, a testament to his talent and creative vision. With its gripping narrative, powerhouse performances, and adrenaline-pumping action, “Monkey Man” is a must-watch for action-movie fans and cinephiles alike.

Final Thought

With its raw intensity, gripping narrative, and electrifying action, "Monkey Man" is a must-watch for all movie lovers.


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