6 comments on “Never Rarely Sometimes Always

  • 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. There always has to be one jackass who wants to get attention by being the lone wolf naysayer.

    • Or one person who doesn’t agree with everyone else, or one who sees things differently, or one who has a differing opinion than the other sheep.
      I love that you created a bogus email, “dustinchaseblows” just to say something on here. I’m surprised that email wasn’t already taken, ha ha.

  • Sounds like a fair review – nice to see there are still reviewers out there giving honest accounts. Im actually more inclined to watch it now that I know what it really is, rather than tiresomely following so many other reviews which are obviously giving inflated scores (even if they are well intentioned).

  • Congrats for your courageos review! I can’t believe that so many critics praise this ¿movie? Unlikable and uninteresting protagonist, zero emotions (and no, I do not like melodrama), unrealistic situations (two girls traveling together and not talking for hours) and a loud and clear message: men are evil! I’m a woman, by the way.

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