Swan Song

Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (“Green Book,” “Moonlight”) turns in another impressive performance as a man looking to clone his dying body so his family can survive in “Swan Song.”

The most important aspect of “Swan Song” is Ali is in it.

Garnering a Golden Globe nomination for his performance this week, Apple TV+ continues its advance into awards territory. Benjamin Cleary’s believable but futuristic drama about a husband and father faced with the decision to have a clone take over his life manages to stir quite an emotional response.

“Swan Song” is worth your time ultimately for the final 30 minutes.

The future of transportation according to “Swan Song” could use a little work, but Cleary’s less-is-more approach works well. The script requires a bit of patience from the viewer, but Ali and “Moonlight” co-star Naomie Harris elevate the script to the point where we can easily understand and empathize with their circumstances.

“This will be as common as a heart transplant in a few years,” Dr. Jo Scott (Glenn Close) reassures Cameron (Ali) as he mulls over the decision to hand off his life to an exact replica. The only way this works is if no one knows.

Final Thought

The genius here is how Cleary explores saying goodbye to someone without saying goodbye.


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