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  • Question: what was the “climax” of THE WITCH. I took in all the details of that film and when it was over, felt like I’d been cheated out of an actual story.

    • The Climax of The Witch is when the goat turns on the father, and the characters we have been following meet their end. If you didn’t like The Witch, I would say you will have an even more difficult time with The Lighthouse.

  • I’m glad someone out there is saying this. I just finished watching The Lighthouse.

    I left the theater confused, scratching my head, thinking there must be symbolic meanings involved in all this, and that unlike various other arthouse films that communicate or hint at those meanings, this film was too subtle or filled with too much distracting material for me to notice.

    I also figured, there must be some thought you have to put into interpreting which events were hallucinations, dreams, literal, and metaphors, but then I realized, nothing that was being said and no theme that was being implied (which I did not sense much of) was compelling enough to me to be worth the effort of decryption. I just didn’t care enough and was ultimately disappointed.

    The Witch, on the other hand, was very strange and a bit muddled as well and yet I felt I had complete understanding of everything that happened. This just felt incoherent.

  • I felt it was one of those pretentious movies that tried to hard to be smart, so failed at telling a good story. I waited for the climax as well, and…I guess I still am.

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