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  • No offense, but I’m kind of getting tired of the unjustified attacks on Orlando Bloom’s acting skills. To me Orlando Bloom is a great actor and the best part of this film. He and Michael Douglas made the film for me. Also, I liked Noomie – finally not a typical “Hollywood Blond” with Botox all over the face. Bloom is “known more for his celebrity than acting chops,” – Huh? Well, maybe in USA where the audience and film critics are not exactly the best educated on Acting subject. They watch too many comics IMO. And, boy, do they want to jump at any actor /actress if they happened to have good looks! Here, in Europe, Bloom is known as an actor first. As a World known actor. I’m not talking about the trolls, irrational haters and the public that tries to judge anyone’s acting by own taste preferences. In reality Bloom has a tremendous talent, great acting skills and abilities that are trained on a highest professional level. His “critics” should try to get a scholarship like he did when he was taking his first steps as an actor. And get parts in movies like he has in his career. Then we talk. And one has to be in a deep denial to ignore his impressive credits in the biggest films that are already in a History of Cinema.
    Sadly, the US media are obsessed on the celebs subject and they care less if an actor is good or bad. All they are interested in is to find some “dirty story” and feed the public with it. And if they don’t find a dirty story, they will make it up and will push hard the audience to swallow it.
    Bloom “only distracts from the other heavy hitters?” – LOL. Bloom is a heavy hitter. He took the attention even in the small amount of time his Jack character was given on screen. And his role in this film was to distract. He did his job wonderfully. Too bad it was not enough of the screen time for him. Big mistake to miss the opportunity to explore the character more. Bloom made him more interesting than Jack was in the script and they should have developed the whole story for him and intertwine Alice’s story with this. But it’s not a big budget movie and it’s hard to find a good script lately in Hollywood. Studios go for remakes. Not the original, fresh script-writing.
    I agree that the script was weak. It was hard to work with it to make it really entertaining. And it was predictable to me as well. But, as I said, I liked the actors’ work. Maybe except of Malkovich’s – he was having fun of his own but it felt forced and from a different movie to me. The camera work was good, I liked the OST and the colors/cinematography part. The stunt choreography was nicely done. Overall, I didn’t feel sorry that I saw it in a movie theatre.

    • Orlando Bloom’s films reach both American and European audiences. There are not different versions of the same films, shown to different countries. Nor are there hidden Oscar winning performances of Bloom’s across the pond that American critics have never seen. Bloom is a celebrity, more than an actor. He demonstrates this with the pop-stars he dates, the clubs he attends and the feuds he creates. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and under the guidance of Peter Jackson, he was really good in the trilogy. However, flipping through Bloom’s filmography: Troy was a terrible film, Elizabethtown a big disappointment, Ned Kelly was awful, the entire Pirates series was one big eye roll of family entertainment (which I am personally not interested in). His filmography on Rotten Tomatoes (the films that were released to mainstream). I don’t have anything against him personally, but Bloom is not of the caliber of great actors and the roles he chooses prove that time and again.

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