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  • Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate is the rising star that counters Dalton’s decline, even complaining that probably “the most famous director in the world” is living next door and even a chance meeting could turn his career around. It’s all what-if, and in QT’s AU, he dares to suggest another way it all could have gone. If you’re suggesting Robbie’s Tate could hav been removed from the film without changing it, wouldn’t that undermine one of the central points to the entire story?

    • I’m saying it could have been any actress, or a male actor, it doesn’t have to be Tate is the point I am making.
      However, I still think you could remove anyone living next door, and very little about the film would actually change.

      • In Hollywood 1969, who else could you have saved with a connection to Spahn Ranch, Charlie Manson, and Tex? In the opening scene, QT tells us the date: February 1969; the countdown is already ticking the moment it becomes clear its Sharon. After the time jump, Kurt Russell’s narration, and another date stamp, those in the know should be dreading exactly what QT is going to do to merge the stories. The person and the connections are significant because this is “the 9th film by Quentin Tarantino,” and he uses that to full effect. If you can think of any other actor of 1969 and in Hollywood that would have the same impact, by all means: suggest them.

        • You are still missing my point, QT just wanted to have Tate in a story he was writing, and then wrote everything else around that. The story didn’t have to be 1969, it’s all specific “just because”. None of the ranch, Tate, Manson stuff even matters in the story. I still advocate all that could be cut out, and it would still be a movie about two dwindling guys working in Los Angeles.

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