4 comments on “Dear Evan Hansen

  • This review is total garbage. “[N]one of the songs are memorable,” addressing one of the most hailed and lauded musicals of the decade? Prosthetics? For real? Perhaps some post-edit effects, which for the most part, I didn’t notice, and relying on age criticism is the height of lazy reviewing (Stockard Channing in Grease, or for that matter anyone else in the movie?). Platt is a FORCE, both in this film and on stage. I saw him twice on Broadway. I would not be so bold as to say the full force of his performance translates here – it does not – but to call it “miscast” is ignorance. Also, learn how to write a review without comma splices and rampant typos.

    • This ain’t Broadway Daniel, this is cinema, I am a film critic, I review what’s on screen, not whats on stage. Prosthetics were heavily used, and if you can’t see that, maybe have your eyes checked. If you didn’t notice the makeup and prosthetics, then we didn’t see the same film. Maybe learn how to comment on a review without making it personal?

  • all critics are just lusting after what others have and can never attain themselves,thus they try to take away from others out of mean spirited spite! For shame dustin,for shame bless your little heart!

    • There is nothing in this movie worth lusting after Conner Kyle. It’s not mean spirited to review a film, and give my honest opinion, that’s how film criticism works. Bless your little heart for not understanding how this works.

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