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  • So you do not recommend The Irishman nor A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood but you recommend this… all of a sudden I’m far more “woke” than you.

    • Surprisingly yes, I got more out of Charlie’s Angels than A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood or Irishman. While Charlie’s Angels is creative in it’s approach to improve on what has come before it, certainly not a perfect film, but I wasn’t bored and enjoyed Stewart and Banks doing something entirely different. I can’t say that for the actors in the other films you mentioned. It’s not about being “woke” whatever that even means, it’s about just giving my honest opinions about the films I view.

  • Well technically yes it is… seeing as critics like Peter Travers mentioned it specifically while crapping all over it. But yeah, I guess Kristen Stewart is much better when it comes to acting than people who have actually won Oscars such as Tom Hanks and practically everyone in The Irishman. I just hope you didn’t care for any movies Kristen was in where the vampires sparkled, those are some of the worst movies ever made.

    • I review Stewart on every film she does or delivers, no one gets a free pass just because they were great once or visa versa, if they are usually terrible they are automatically so. My point is simply Stewart is doing something very different from what she has done before, and since you brought the other guys into the mix, no Pacino, DeNiro (arguably Pesci) or Hanks are not doing anything we haven’t seen them do before, or better somewhere else. That’s all I was saying, not that Stewart gives some performance that’s award worthy or even a must see, I was just simply surprised at her involvement and how she did something new.

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