It’s been 30 years since the original Overboard debuted, with Hollywood’s golden couple, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. It was an iconic summer flick that proved more popular in the subsequent years on cable television, as weekend-programming-filler for networks likes TNT or TBS. Despite no one begging or even wondering what a modern version would look like, Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez (How to Be a Latin Lover) is the one responsible for this garbage remake. Overboard is a brainless, slapstick comedy that caters more towards the “telenovela” audience than mainstream. Diversity is a wonderful thing, and I am all for niche films, but the lack of creativity and thoughtful comedy is just pathetically bad regardless of culture.

Struggling as a single mom, working multiple side jobs to make her way through nursing school, Kate (Faris) is at the end of her rope. Eviction notices, no time to study while juggling three young girls; being pushed off a yacht she was hired to clean is the last straw. Son of a billionaire manufacturing tycoon, Leonardo (Derbez) docked his $60 million-dollar floating palace in the small Oregon port for refueling, when he and Kate trade barbs. Circumstances lead to Leonardo washing up on shore the following day with amnesia. That’s when Kate’s best friend Theresa (Longoria) advises her to take advantage of the situation and convince “Leo” they are married. What Kate doesn’t expect is to fall for the man she’s tricking, whom she thought she hated.

Derbez, one of Mexico’s most famous faces, is proving to American audiences he’s a one trick pony.

Whether it’s intentional or not, the 41-year-old Faris’ latest facial work or Botox has her looking a lot like Hawn. While there are no cameos from the previous cast, you will hear a subtle mention in a hospital scene acknowledging the events from 30 years ago. Derbez, one of Mexico’s most famous faces, is proving to American audiences he’s a one trick pony. While the circumstances and plot of this film are different, Derbez is playing the exact same character from ‘Latin Lover. Looking much lighter and more fit, Derbez clearly proud of his abs and tush, can’t stop showing off for the camera. There isn’t much to explore with the supporting cast either, most are given only sitcom type parts that simply aid in Derbez pratfalls or slapstick maneuvers.

Deprived and needy children are used as a running-gag with Leonardo sisters throughout the film. Kate’s children are encouraged to lie and of course the one strong minded female character in the entire movie is written stereotypically as “the bitch”. The predictability of the story and it’s happy ending doesn’t just come from remembering the original, but every plot turn promises the audience will get exactly what they expect. Overboard is destined to repeat the fate of it’s predecessor, finding success only as dead airtime filler on cable networks after it’s theatrical run.

Final Thought

Faris and Derbez spend two very long, laugh-less hours proving why 80’s comedies shouldn’t be remade.


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